Culinary Journey around Wawel – Tastes of Poland and the world

Wawel is an extraordinary place with deep historical roots, which is not only a symbol of Krakow, but also a key element of Polish national identity. Visiting Wawel is a real journey through history.

However, it is not only the castle and the cathedral. The Wawel area is a perfect place to start your culinary journey around Krakow. Restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments in this area offer not only delicious dishes, but also a unique atmosphere in which you can feel the pulse of the city and its inhabitants.

Culinary Journey – Polish Flavors

The Wawel area has many restaurants that serve real, traditional Polish cuisine.

Pod Wawelem Kompania Kuflowa

Pod Wawelem Kompania Kuflowa located near the castle, at 26-29 St. Gertrudy Street offers authentic culinary and cultural experiences in a pleasant and family atmosphere. Famous for its excellent pork knuckles and other regional delicacies, the restaurant serves real culinary gems that delight the palates of guests from all over the world.

Restaurant Pod Smoczej Jamą

After visiting Wawel, where history intertwines with the legend of the Wawel Dragon, there is no better way to continue the adventure than visiting the Pod Smoczej Jamą Restaurant. This charming restaurant, located at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle at 24 Podzamcze Street, is a perfect place to experience real Polish cuisine.

The atmosphere of the restaurant referring to history and legends and the flavors served on a plate will make you feel like a real resident of Krakow from centuries ago.

This is an ideal point on the map right after visiting Wawel. Tickets for Wawel can be found here Wawel Tickets.

Sukiennice Restaurant

The Sukiennice restaurant at Rynek Główny 3 Street is a place that not only offers a view of the market square, but also invites you to a journey through classic Polish dishes and dishes derived from Krakow and royal traditions. The menu is full of classic Polish cuisine, such as pierogi, borscht and pork chops.

Art 2.0 Restaurant – Modern Tastes of Polish Cuisine

If you are looking for a unique experience of a culinary journey through Polish flavors, Art 2.0 Restaurant at 15 Kanonicza Street is a place you should visit. This restaurant serves Polish cuisine in an original and modern version that delights the senses.

The interior of the restaurant is true poetry for the eyes. Beautiful, historical details and elegant design create an atmosphere conducive to unforgettable moments at the table.

Culinary Journey – Flavors of the World and Cafes

Wandering through this culinary map, we will also discover restaurants serving unique dishes from around the world, as well as cozy cafes where you can get aromatic coffee and delicious desserts.

Trattoria Wawel

This is a unique place where Italian cuisine meets Polish tradition. Located at 9 Wawel Street, right next to the Royal Castle, the restaurant encourages its guests to travel through the flavors of two culinary worlds. Trattoria Wawel restaurant is a combination of classic Italian dishes with unique Polish flavors.


Noah Restaurant, located in Krakow’s Kazimierz at 24 Beera Meiselsa Street, is a place where Israeli and Polish cuisine harmoniously combine. In the restaurant, you can expect unusual combinations of flavors and aromas that evoke the traditions of both cultures.


Bazaar Bistro at 6 Plac Nowy Street is a multifunctional place that combines the features of a bistro, bakery and bar. It offers a variety of cuisines from around the world. The restaurant specializes in cooking using local and seasonal products. Additionally, it offers breakfasts based on its own baked bread.

Cafe Szał

Cafe Szał is an atmospheric cafe located on the roof of the Cloth Hall at Rynek Główny 3. This unique place offers not only delicious coffee and aromatic drinks, but also an unforgettable view of the heart of Krakow.

Camelot LuLu

Camelot LuLu is a charming cafe located at 13 St. Tomasza Street, which impresses not only with its unique interior, but also with excellent coffee.

Siesta Café

Siesta Café, located at 6 Stolarska Street in the heart of the Old Town, is an extraordinary café that invites you to discover various coffee flavors. Their menu includes unique compositions, such as espresso with chilli and orange. It is also worth trying the desserts served there.

Visiting Wawel Castle: History and Tastes

Visiting Wawel with a guide is an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of this place and its cultural significance. Then you can indulge in regional cuisine or other specialties that Krakow has to offer.

We invite you to continue exploring and discovering more flavors. A culinary journey around Wawel is an unforgettable adventure, combining rich history with culinary art and local traditions.

Book your tickets to Wawel Castle today and start an unforgettable journey through the history and flavors of Krakow!


Royal coronations at Wawel Castle

Historic Royal Coronations in Krakow Wawel hides within its old walls not only architectural masterpieces, but also the extraordinary history of royal