Terms of Service

Last updated: August 02, 2022

I. Definitions

 Used in the content of present Regulations have the following meanings:

a)   The provider of the tour & tickets: AT Cracow S.C., VAT number PL6783181238 with residence in Węgrzce Wielkie 495, post code 32-002; e_mail: bookings@waweltickets.com; waweltickets.com; phone;

b) Regular Trip – A trip organized by the Organizer included in the standard offer lasting less than 24 hours;

c) Individual Trip – A trip organized by the Organizer for individual client lasting less than 24 hours

d) Ticket – Proof of ticket purchase inclusive type of the trip, date, time and meeting place, suggested a price, paid the amount for trip and amount outstanding. The tickets are registered and bearers.

e) Voucher – A document entitling you to purchase a ticket with a discount for the amount indicated on the voucher.

f) Customer – A person who has booked or purchased a ticket and/or participates in a trip.

g) Agent – The person or unit who booked or purchased the ticket on his own behalf for the account of the person directly taking part in the trip (e.g. entrepreneur running a hotel).

II. Reservation

a)   Tickets reservation offered by the Organizer can be made via the internet website, by telephone, by email, or directly with the organizer.
b)   Client or mediator making a reservation is obligated to provide contact details, full name, telephone number and address of residence during their stay in Poland, (in case of reduced tickets) age of trip participants and inform the organizer of the detailed requirements for the trip, e.g. a wheelchair, a pram, a child seat, disability of trip participants and voucher number entitling you to a discount.

III. Reservation Changes

a) The customer or Agent has the right to change the date of the trip or/and type of the trip free of charge, only when changes are made 24 hours before the departure date on a ticket.
b) The customer or agent has right to withdraw from agreement provided by sending to organizer address (info@atcracow.com) statement of withdrawal from agreement at least 48 hours before the indicated date on the ticket.

IV. Rules of Making A Tour

a) Customer is obligated to appear at the meeting point included on the ticket. Recommended is to be 10 minutes earlier. Neither driver nor guide is no obligated to wait for late customers no more than 5 minutes.
b) The customer is obligated to provide a valid ticket to the driver or guide and pay the outstanding amount for the ticket if ticket was not paid in full. In case of refusal by customer payment of missing part of amount, driver/guide is entitled to refuse boarding the customer to the vehicle and the trip agreement is terminated due to the fault of the client or the performance of the contract and claiming reimbursement from the agent and / or client according to their choice. Part of the price paid is not refundable if the agreement is terminated due to the fault of the customer.
c) An agent buying a voucher or ticket is responsible for paying the price and settles the account with the customer on whose account he acted. If the customer does not show up at the pick-up point at the date and time indicated in the voucher, or refuses to pay, the agent / customer ordering the trip is obliged to pay the entire value of the ticket.
d) The customer who fails to appear at the designated place at the appointed time is not entit
e) The organizer has the right to change the start time of the trip, which is committed to inform the customer at least 12 hours in advance. In case of changing time (less than two hours from the planned start time), the customer has no right to cancel the trip and receive money back. In case of significant change (more than two hours from the planned start trip), the customer has right to cancel the trip and receive a full refund or change the date free of charge.
f) of the date of the trip.
g) The organizer has the right to cancel the trip. In this case, the organizer offers a change of the date of the trip, another trip or a refund according to the customer’s choice.
h) The duration of the trip may differ from the assumed one for reasons beyond the control of the organizer.
i) The client whose culpable action led to the trip being interrupted or the service being prevented bear compensatory responsibility towards operator
j) The customer who caused damage to the transport or other damages during the trip bears financial responsibility for the damage caused by him.
k)The program of the trip is described each time on the website waweltickets.com
l) Disputes are resolved by the court appropriate for the place of performance of the service.