Wawel Castle Royal Private Apartments

Step into the regal ambiance of the Royal Private Apartments, where lavish bedrooms, elegant sitting rooms, and intricately decorated studies reveal the refined tastes of Poland’s rulers. The Royal Bedroom, adorned with sumptuous textiles and period furniture, invites you to imagine the restful moments of the monarchs. Delicate details in the Queen’s Chamber showcase the feminine touch that shaped the living spaces of the queens.

Explore the Royal Study, where kings engaged in matters of state, and the private quarters of the monarchs, where family life unfolded away from the public eye. The Royal Private Apartments offer a nuanced view of Wawel Castle, not just as a seat of power but also as a place where personal stories unfolded within the hallowed halls.

What to See

Discover the rich history and legacy of Polish royalty as you wander through the Royal Apartments, located on the first floor of the palace. The exhibition features the private chambers of the kings and queens, courtiers, and guest rooms. As you walk through the royal rooms, you will be struck by the intricate details of the 16th century wooden ceilings, stonework windows, portals, and the fantastic painted friezes that adorn the walls.
As you delve deeper into the castle, you’ll come across the king’s apartments, situated in the northeastern corner of the castle. Here you’ll find the king’s bed chamber and the Columned Hall, which in the 16th century served as the king’s dining room. Today, the hall is adorned with portraits and statues of Polish kings, bringing the past to life before your very eyes.

Days Open

Tuesday – Sunday

Openning Hours
July – August
9:30 am to 7 pm

From September:
9:30 am to 5 pm

Please note: Last entry is possible 1h before closure time
  • Children bellow 6 years can buy free ticket.
  • Childs aged 7-12 can use discount tickets.
  • Students aged 13-25 with valid EU student card can use discount ticket.
Good to Know
  • It is not allowed to enter the exhibition with luggage. You will have to leave your luggage before the entrance in the nearby luggage storage. It is free of charge.
  • Pets are not allowed to enter. ​

Unfortunately, the Royal Private Apartments are not wheelchair accessible. To get there you have to go up the stairs to the first floor. Based on the official Wawel information, a wheelchair lift is in process of installation.

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Entrance ticket to Royal Apartments

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Your tickets are valid on the date and time indicated on the ticket. Being late may result in the inability to enter the exhibition.

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Location of Royal Apartments

The entrance to the Royal Apartments is located on the ground floor from the arcaded courtyard. It is located at the entrance to the State Rooms

Entrance toWawel State Rooms and Royal Apartments
Entrance to Royal Private Apartments

Book guided tours that visit Royal Apartments

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Interiors of Wawel Castle

Discover the legacy of Polish kings on a tour of Wawel Castle’s Interiors. Walk through the kings rooms, admire fantastic works of art, and delve into the stories of medieval Wawel to experience the life of a king.

Available at: 
Tue | Thu | Sat – 11:00 am
Sun – 2:00 pm

per person

Highlights of Wawel Castle​

Experience the grandeur of Wawel Castle with a 2-hour tour. Delve into the stories of the medieval Castle, explore the heart of Wawel with its magnificent interiors, and discover a fascinating collection of royal weapons and armor in the Royal Armoury. Take a peek into the private apartments of the royalty and relive the glory of the past. The tour is an exciting journey through the rich history and culture of Poland. 

Available at: 
Tue | Thu | Sat – 10:00 am
Sun – 1:00 pm

per person

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